Message of another flow received from delay node of first flow

I have two flows. Both are triggered by the same event. The first flow ends with function that sends out to msg.payload node a command string like "reboot".
The second flow ends with function that sends out a msg with payload as string like "retry" towards a delay node of fixed delay of 1 minutes. When 1 minute time expires, delay node is in loop with function of second flow, so I expect to finf in input to the function of second flow the message with payload set to "retry", but sometimes I find in input the message with payload set to "reboot". Why? The two flows are separated at function nodes level... What happens? I trace msg.payload out from delay node and here I see the wrong msg... So I suppose delay node is not working well, as it overwrite the input message with another msg belonging to another flow...

Hi and welcome.

I kind of understand what you are meaning, but also don't. (No one to blame.)

You are new here so have limited posts before you have to wait to post more.

I know this will be a bit annoying to do but please:

Make an example of what you are doing but on one tab. (I'm saying this because I am not sure what you mean by flows. Are they both on the same tab or different? Anyway.)

One one tab make a very basic example using inject nodes and debug nodes for the input and output. Including GUI nodes only complicates things for no benefit.

When done, drag the mouse over that area and export the code.
Paste it and someone may be able to get a better understanding of what it is you want to do and what you are seeing.

When posting the code look at the top of the window and there is a button </>.
Click it and put the code in there so it is formatted correctly and is able to be copied out by people wanting to help.

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