Message times and when they are shown

I know NR is async' but this is weird.

I am starting to build my flow for my new project.

I am writing it in blocks so as to help keep things understandable.

I am using link nodes to represent inputs from buttons. As the code will be written else where it seems practical doing it this way.

So the problem:
I press an inject node to simulate a button being pressed.
The flow is split. One goes to a link node and the other goes to a change node.
The link goes to another link higher on the screen, and then also goes into a change node. That sets msg.payload to CLS and that is Send to display.
Back to the second branch: that goes to a change node which loads an object into the payload and that is .... send to the display.

This machine is a Nuc with memory and CPU to spare.
I am not getting why there is such a lag with the messages getting through.

The red is the first part. The blue is the second part. The blue message arrives at 16. The red message at 27. That's eleven seconds! and it is doing less than the blue message.

Add named debug nodes at each intermediate point and see what the times are, then you will know where the delay is.

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