Delay node with status information

It would be helpful, if the delay node had a feature to receive the current status of the node. For example through a second status output.

One could check if the last message was a reset message or how many messages are currently queued up (as it is shown in the flow editor).

You could use the status node to receive all status changes of your delay node.

I think a reset message causes it to send an empty status, so that could be achievable as well.

Just try it out, if it works. :wink:

That's an interesting workaround, thanks. A reset would give something like this:

As for the queue information I would have to do some counting, which I am very bad at :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought as of Node-Red 2 it did report the depth as the status ?

I have some problems with the delay node since I updated to 2.x. Maybe it's just my installation.

Such as ?

Or maybe these are changes (didn't study the changelog). Reset is not displayed anymore as status after sending a reset msg. Also, I thought in previous versions the number showed the delay time, now it's number of messages in the queue.

After thinking about this for a while, I would still like to have a way to "ask" a delay node about its status. The status node is firing too many messages and I am worried that I might run into performance problems because of that.

Changing to depth was one of the breaking changes for 2.0. And reset now shows as depth 0. The sending of depth is actually itself rate limited to about 3 per second not every change so should be ok.

Apologies but I don't understand what you mean by depth. Is there a description somewhere?

Where you have “text”:0 above. That is the depth of the queue. How many msgs are currently stored.

Yes it seems to do that. Aren't you one of the contributors? :wink:

It's also nice to have the msg.rate option. I think this is new too?

What do you think about the feature request?

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