Delay numeric output


i'm using the dashboard with node-red since some weeks in combination with a much older FHEM installation. Step by step i would like to merge some functions from FHEM to Node-Red (or maybe ioBroker later on).

For my Heat-Control actually FHEM is the leading system and for the moment Node-Red should only do the dashboard-function with that.
To control the desired temperature i use the numeric ui-node. It is configured to change the output in 0.5 steps on every click. On FHEM side i controll a PID-device with it. Every time i click on the up- or down-button the new value is send out which is fine for Node-Red but not fine for FHEM.

I really would like to delay the output. So that if i would hit the up button 3 times to get from 20°C to 21.5°C it would just send the last value 21.5 and not every value between it.
I already tried to use the delay node but in my case it only put out the first value that is generated with the numeric node. I was not able to discard all values besides the last one with in 2sec for example.

Any ideas?


You need the trigger node set to send nothing. Then wait with extend Then send last value received.

Very nice!
Thank you very much.