Numeric not working as expected

So I'm automating the heating system at home and I want to set up the temperature from the Node-red dashboard.
I have a "numeric" set on dashboard. This numeric is connected to a MQTT node to send the info via GSM to an Arduino.
The problem comes when changing the temperature set. If for example the temperature set is at 20 degrees and I want to put it at 22ºC the numeric sends each value it goes through (so 20.5 21 21.5 and 22).
I've tried adding a delay node in the middle. But this node only does what it says, delay.

Is there anyway to program the node to send the value say for example 10 seconds after the last change in temperature?

Use the trigger node.

Now it will send the last message when nothing was received for 1 second, it will be extended as long as you are changing the numeric.

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Exactly what I needed. Thanks