Delay without and cancel input during that time?

Hi All,

I've created a flow which is listening to certain alerts and then broadcasts to my Alexa when they come through but I only want the first one to be processed with a 20 minute pause before the next one can come through. I've tried the delay function but this still processes all the alarms but just at a delayed rate.

The source will be inputting a alarm every 1 minute but I only need to know once and then 20 minutes later if the alert is still active. If I set 20 minute delay and during this time I can 19 alarms, all what happens is the will go on every 20 mins 19 times which is no good.

I only want to here the first alarm, wait 20 minutes to see if alarm is still happening, tell me again and wait 20 minutes before reminding me if still active.

I hope I'm making sense.

Please can someone help.

look at the trigger node. Set to send original message on 1st message then wait 20 mins then send nothing... Don't extend the timer.

Thank you

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