Deleting Chart-Data (


im trying to delete my stored chart-data to reset my Chart. But somehow it does not work. I still get the chart with the last data after i restart node-red. Before deleting i block new incoming data.


 contextStorage: {
        default: {

store flow

delete flow


Use debug nodes to work out what is going wrong. If you need to log debug data from startup then configure the debug nodes to output to the console, then you will be able to see them in log when you start node-red.


i came aup with the idea that i block the data in the wrong place. So i change my flow and it works :sweat_smile:.
first try

second try

But is there a way to restart node-red from within the flow?

Yes, if you search the forum you should find several discussions on that. Why do you want to restart node-red?

To Reset the already filled charts on my dashboard.
Well i thought the not reseted chart will overwrite my flow. again but it looks like it does not do that.
So ill just look for away to reset only the charts :sweat_smile:.

I believe it is documented in the charts readme. To clear a chart just send it an empty array in msg.payload. For example, in an inject node:

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yeah works that way!

Thank u very much for your help.

U dont even need to block new data. If you reset the chart the flow. gets reseted too.

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