Deploy button Click validation event


I am doing some research on node red and i am new to node red. Can anyone please guide me which event first fire for validation and where on click of deploy button. I am getting error attached to screen shot. Can you please guide me where the following validations are checked?


The function that gets called when you click the Deploy button is here:

You can step through that function to see how it checks what it is about to deploy.

@knolleary i have gone throught this depoly.js and the same function above but when i put debugger here it wont get hit....also for testing i have putted some dummy text in "P" tag but it wont worked..Can you please tell how can i test this....?

What steps exactly have you done?

Are you rebuilding the editor code when you change it?

I have simply putted debugger and console.log("1")....but couldnt see any effect...please see the screen shot.

How are you running Node-RED?

I assume because you didn't say so that you are not running a proper build after modifying the code?

You need to run grunt build after modifying the source code so it can be built into the red.js file the editor loads.

Another option is to use the grunt dev task - this runs node-red itself and watches for any changes to the source code, automatically restarting Node-RED or rebuilding the editor code as needed.

I am running it by command : npm run start

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