Deploy button enabled after no change edit of node

If you have a node with a config node as a property (for example Websocket in). If you don't give the config node field a value (leave it empty, or don't create a config node) when you press done and deploy, and then open the edit dialog again and press done, the deploy button will be enabled even if you didn't change anything. This is the case even when the property isn't required.

As this only happens for config node properties and not for other properties it seem a bit strange. Is there a reason behind it?

It's possible that the node fills in a default value and saves it causing a change that triggers the Deploy to enable.

If you don't already have a config node I don't think it does. You can also deploy, open edit, press done again and deploy still shows up. If it put a default value it wouldn't happen a second time, right?

If you edit a node that depends on a config node but the node doesn't currently have a config node set, it will automatically select the first config node in the list - if there is one. So whilst you may not have changed anything manually, something will have changed.

You can confirm this by clicking the 'show more' link in the Info sidebar when you have the node selected. That will show its full configuration. Edit the done, close the dialog and then see what has changed.

I have deleted all config nodes and the problem still occur. So it's not choosing a node from the list.

I tried looking at show more for the Websocket in and the value is undefined both before and after.

Hi @MaxS

I have recreated this and it is a subtle bug in the change detection when config nodes are in play. Thanks for highlighting - I've pushed a fix, will be in the next release, whenever that may happen.

Hi @knolleary

Great, thanks! I suspected it might be a bug but was uncertain if there was a valid reason for the behaviour.