Deploy failed: no response from server - even after trying from "scratch"

All of the sudden after editing a node, this started happening. No the first time, but this time is more frustrating

I have restarted the nodered docker, restarted the computer, deleted the data volume and imported whole flow.json, then imported few nodes, then added nodes manually from the beginning

In the second node, a function one, after adding this lines on the top, specially the buf.slice operator

function sliceBuf(buf, start, end) {
return buf.slice(start,end).readInt32BE();

" Deploy failed: no response from server"

Bit frustrated by the lack of logs indicating anything


Welcome to the forum @calixtoemilio

If you look at the processor usage is node red using one of the cores completely? If so then probably you have introduced an infinite loop in the code or a flow. You should be able to start node-red in safe mode (adding --safe to the command line) which will start the editor but not start the flows until you Deploy. Then you can change stuff to work out where the problem is. In a non docker system you would use
node-red --safe
but I don't use Docker so you will have to look up how to it in that environment.

Thanks. I basically gave up, decided to spin a new VM and start again. Now is working after adding one node at the time.

Will try later out if curiosity to the original VM

Again, thanks!

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