Developing a core node by making a trial contrib node


Forking a node on Github and having a play is great but difficult for other users to dynamically try out any enhancements/changes

I want to dabble with MQTT node so I was planning on forking it -making some changes and then temporarily publish as a contrib node using a name like testa_cymplecy_temp so its obvious that its not a finished long-term node

What do people think?



What is so hard about using npm with a github link to install?

That way you can also get them to install different branches if need be.
You shouldn’t need to publish to npm if its not a finished long term node.



Ta for info

Its not as easy-peasy as using Manage Pallete but sounds like it could be the best solution



Yes. Please don’t publish unfinished nodes to the library if you can help it. Just remove the “node-red” keyword tag.