Updated version of node-red-contrib-jktesting - for learning about creating custom nodes

Hi all,

Just to let you know that I have done a rare update of my node-red-contrib-jktesting nodes.

This has a single working node right now that is designed for learning about how custom nodes work and that may be useful as a template for your own nodes.

I've done a little refactoring, improving of inline docs, making sure everything is up-to-date for Node-RED v0.19. I've also added an example configuration node.

As always, I'm open to issues, updates and thoughts, please respond here or in the github repo.

You can install the node in the normal way but you might want to create your own fork so that you can play with the code yourself.

One day, I'll get round to creating some more example nodes. Particularly to demonstrate different elements in the admin ui.


Evening Julian,

  1. Create a new repo on GitHub - don't yet tag it with node-red until you are ready to go public

Are you sure you cannot tag it with 'node-red'? I won't be used by anyone as long as it hasn't been published on NPM. Or am I mistaken?


Ah, hi Bart. You may have me there. That was kind of belt and braces.

There was a time when we saw quite a few 1/2 baked nodes being published. I think it is a lot better now. If you tag it in GitHub and then publish, it appears in the Flows list.

Thanks for reading the README though - at least I know someone has :wink:

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