DFplayer and Tasmota

I've ordered a DFplayer and wondered if anyone here is using them in conjunction with Node-red and Tasmota. I'm thinking ahead and wondered how to control them to play messages when different things happen, I guess it's a simple 'Play track n' but I have no idea how to do it.

The DFPlayer is connected to an ESP8266 running Tasmota via serial

Perhaps you should wait until you receive the device. Tasmota has support for it, so it should be a simple mqtt command.

You're probably right, but my ideas got the better of me :nerd_face:. I must admit I haven't looked at the Tasmota pages for ages - it's changed quite a bit !. How would I send a MP3Track x = play track ?

the topic would be: cmd/[device-id]/MP3Track ..use the track no. as value and the Device.ID configured in the tasmota settings of the DFPlayer device.

Thanks @hominidae sounds simple enough - I'll give it a go when the module eventually gets here from the slow boat from China, then it's time to annoy my wife ... :grin:
No doubt I'll be back here.

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