Dht 11/22 hangs Node red when disconnected

I have a problem with DHT sensors, if a sensor is malfunction or removed from my system (RPi 3b )under power, Node red hangs until the sensor is plugged in and NR continues.
Is there a way to override a malfunction or removed sensor and with out hanging NR?

  • What version of NR and Node.js?
  • What OS are you running on the Pi and what release?
  • What dht node are you using (full name please)
  • What settings for that node do you have?
  • can you access the Pi via SSH while this is happening?

Also what do you mean by 'hangs'?
Does the whole Pi grind to a halt or just node red?
Is the node-red editor still accessible?
What do you see if you run top in a terminal and then make it hang?

The main question is exactly which DHT node is being used ?

I'm using the following node:
Found a solution: I'v added a Switch after The contrib-dht-sensor node
and stated that if msg.isValid = false do not continue my flow.
thank you for your help.

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