DHT22 shows humidity after 2-3 days only 99.9%

DHT v. 1.0.4

1.0.6: Maintenance Release


  • Update to JSONata 1.8.3
  • #2536 Handle clone of null in utils


  • Prevent button label wrapping in typedInput
  • Handle error objects when reporting in palette manager


  • Inject: Revert to cron 1.7.2
  • UDP: when reusing input socket honour the broadcast mode.

1.0.5: Maintenance Release

Are both of your DHT11 and DHT22 placed at the same location?

Regarding the value, 99% could be possible, since the temperate is also dropping, so water saturation rises.

However, those DHT sensors are neither very reliable, nor accurate. There are better alternatives, like the Bosch BME280 or similar.

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not. IN is inside and OUT is outside (approx. 0.5-1m). I tried them side by side. after a few hours the same thing happened - humidity 99.9%.

I'll try the sensor you're describing to me

well thank you

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