Regarding Dht11 sensor and Node-red interface

Heloo friends, im getting dht11 sensor readings on arduino serial monitor but not displaying on NODE-red GUI. please help me to solve this issue...

Are you able to read them into node-red? If not how have you tried?

We won't be able to help much unless you share what you've tried.

Also note that devices tend to only allow a single connection to a serial port. That means that if you have the Arduino serial monitor running and then try to connect to the same serial port in Node-RED, it will likely fail.

I'm getting humidity & temperature reading on Arduino serial monitor only. I'm not getting reading on Node-red gui having gauge for humidity & temperature

Sir, Im using Dht11 sensor with Arduino to display reading of humidity & temperature on Node-red gui. I'm getting reading on Arduino serial monitor but not on Node-red gui.
I close Arduino serial monitor before connecing to serial port of Node-red.

Sharing the relevant part of your flow possibly along with a screenshot of it (if it is complex) would be helpful.

Please put a debug node direct onto the incoming serial node. That way you can see the real data coming in.

The problem will be in your function node which I've no doubt makes an assumption about the data type which is incorrect. You will doubtless find that you've assumed that the incoming data is a number whereas it is likely to be a string representation of a number.

Hmm, this is somewhat painful. Usually, screenshots are done electronically on the OS rather than via a wonky camera.

Since I can just about see that the output is in fact numeric. The last thing remains is that there is an error in your function node.

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