Arduino Multiple Sensors (Photoresistor DHT11) to Dashboard display HELP

I need serious help cause my Professor refuses to help me or answer my emails. I am to create a multiple sensor arduino system that takes data from 3 DHT11 sensors and 3 Photoresistors. I then have to print all the values in a dashboard UI on Node red. What I am doing makes sense but does not work. Here is my workings:
From my arduino code I get these values in my serial monitor:

Here is my Node red flow:

and whats inside my function node:


After all this once i deploy, to my knowledge and research on all these nodes i should get the output on dashboard UI but all i get is....

If there is anyone with an idea on how i can complete this cause ive been at this same problem for a week now and ive tried multiple things like the arduino library but nothing gives me output. Please and thank you.

It may also be worth adding that the debug menu has no output either

Do you actually get data from the Arduino?

What do all those debug nodes show?

If you use a dashboard gauge without changing any of the default values, and pass an msg.payload which is a number not a string, the gauge should reflect the value.

Edit - put a debug node at the output from Arduino Com3

After deploying you can see i get nothing. is this an issue with my Serial Input?

Well yes it is.

Why don't you explain how the Arduino obtains data and interacts with your Node-red machine?
I don't mean post the code here, explain it.
Explaining a problem can help you see where it might be going wrong

well i declared my pins (6 of them). then i set up my arduino on 9600 baum. then in a loop i get each variable (temp, humidity, and Light intensity) with the DHT11 library and calling the arduino anaolog pins and then print them all as serial with a comma in between. As shown in original post in the serial monitor it works fine. The node red just isnt printing them.

What device (PC, Mac, Linux...) is your Arduino IDE running on?
What device is Node-Red running on? If it's Windows, does Devices & Printers show the COM port?
Can Arduino IDE and Node-red both access the com port at the same time?
Are the Serial In node settings the same as the Arduino IDE port settings?

"node-red just isn't printing them" suggests that you are blaming node-red without (yet) adequate evidence. It's much more likely to be a problem with the interface between devices and applications.
Try and look at it as "there is no proof that the data gets to node-red".

I am on PC windows, Arduino IDE and Node red are connected to the same COM3. Arduino IDE and Node-red cannot be connected at the same time so i have to disconnect node red to connect the arduino and upload the code I have made. then i have to run node red which it then connects and unless im told otherwise from what i know and what i researched the serial IN is set the way it should be set.

OK so i finally get output:

however this took a long time for my computer to process and it should be constantly changing. For example if I change the light in a room it should change the output almost immediately.

The IDE loops with a delay of 2 seconds. should i increase it? is there anyway to make this changing faster or even at all. I have yet to see it replace the old data with new data.

Maybe the Serial in node help is relevant then?

The serial data reception can either

    wait for a "split" character (default \n). Also accepts escaped shortcut (e.g. \n) or hex notation (0x0d).
    wait for a timeout in milliseconds from the first character received.
    wait for a silence time in milliseconds after the last character received.
    wait to fill a fixed sized buffer.

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