Help this beginner :)

Hello my Name is James. 16 years old, and today I make my first node-red project.
I'am a beginner, and got my first Arduino from my mom :slight_smile: . I think you al start just like me, or you bought your first arduino by you self :slight_smile: ?

My first project is to read the DS18B20 temp sensor. With the Arduino IDE Software, works great, on one_wire.

But now I want to create a Arduino Dashboard. I have upload the Firmate sketch in my Arduino Nano.
And install the platte "node-red". The dashboard is nice that okay. The digital output is working.
But I want to read the digital pin for the sensor in node-red to a gauge.

Please can somebody help me out? Thanks
Arduino nano
ds18B20 Sensor.

Sorry, can't help directly because I don't use Firmata.

However, an alternative way is to use your previously working sketch and output the temperature values to the serial port.

Then in Node-RED on the Pi, you can use the serial-in node to receive the output from the Arduino.

This is generally much better than Firmata though it obviously does require you to (re)program the Arduino if you need to make changes.

Hello totallyinformation,

Thanks for your help. Can you help me how to?
I have the sketch dat is working well.


Presumably you know how to output to serial on the Arduino?

As long as you know the serial port settings, it is pretty trivial to use the serial-in node. Add the node, select the port, check the port settings, attach a debug node so that you can see the output.

... but make sure you stop the arduino ide - as the arduino ide and Node-RED can't both talk to the serialport at the same time.


Good point!

If forgotten, it can lead to some fun times.

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