New to Node Red and coding

Hello all!

Just getting started with Node Red, and I have a couple newbie questions.

I'm using an Arduino with a simple LED blink flow. (Not my creation) The dashboard shows the state as true/ false. I've been messing around with the change node, but can't get the dashboard to show On/ Off.
Is the change node what I need to use, or is there another way to do it? I'm no coder, and I've watched so many tutorials, my head is swimming. Just need pointed in the right direction.

Second, where can I find info on getting feedback from the Arduino as to the actual state of the LED?


Did you also watch the introduction videos from node-red itself ? It is quite comprehensive and covers a lot about the concepts and the nodes.

And after you have watched the videos, it might be useful to export that part of your flow and share it here. Just to make sure people understand what your problem is and what you have tried so far ...
E.g. whether you are using node-red-contrib-ui-led in your dashboard, or how your led value arrives in your flow, and so on ...

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Thank you for the info! I watched the videos that Bakman2 suggested, and decided to try a different way to get the effect I wanted. The LED was strictly a test to see if it worked. This was just a 1st step in learning Node-Red, and once I get a real flow I'm sure I'll be posting with some good questions. lol

Thanks again!

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