Led not working

I am using External signal to the plc input to shoe the pump on off status in node red dashboard. But my led not showing in dashboard. What's the problem can somebody tell please..

Perhaps you have it on the wrong dashboard tab?

No sir, dashboard ok.. I have 2 other..its ok.. But having problem in led.. I make total 3 group.. This led not showing..

There is no LED in the nodes installed with node-red-dashboard so can you please confirm
What dashboard have you installed?
What LED contrib node are you using?

A screencapture of the dashboard showing the nodes which do work would be useful, also an export of the LED node and the nodes which connect to it.

Screenshot 2023-06-08 214639
Screenshot 2023-06-08 214609
Check please
Screenshot 2023-06-08 215224

Confirm what message you are sending into the LED node.

Is there a reason why you are using dashboard-evi rather than the "official" dashboard nodes node-red-dashboard?

The github pages for dashboard-evi seem to have disappeared, not a good sign.

Screenshot 2023-06-08 222530
this is one but i have more 14 motor to show status..

sir can you tell me which one is the official

I am not an expert:

That doesn't look right.

Why are you complicating things?

Out of nothing but curiosity:

What are the other payloads you send into the other (working) LED nodes?

same.. we have 15 motors to show status in deshboard. it was trial.. but led not showing

which one is the official sir..

(You should post the actual code and not cropped screen shots - it makes it easier for all)

So you are saying you have a function node with:

var msg0 = {payload:msg.payload[0]};
return [msg0];

So msg.payload[0] is the important part - yes?

Again: I am not an expert, but that looks structurally bad. (wrong)
But that's only what I think and if you say it works elsewhere.... Who am I to say otherwise?

Have you CONFIRMED (via a debug node) what is being SENT?
(NOT what you THINK is being sent)

Screenshot 2023-06-08 224152

That doesn't show me the output of the debug node so doesn't prove anything.

And - thinking about it - are you SURE the LED node is configured correctly also?

(Oh, the debug node will have to show COMPLETE MESSAGE BODY also. Not the default!)

can u give me an example writing function node with led.i will understand

i will deploy this in my node red.if its working so i will understand what is the problem

How can I when I don't know how you have the LED node configured?

Basically you need to show us the payloads (sorry: Complete message) being sent INTO the LED node and how that node is configured.

The official dashboard is node-red-dashboard

after installing latest deshboard its working but why my dashboard not showing here can u tell me sir