Node red dashboard LED and LEVEL UI

hi all i am facing a problem with node red dash board LED pallet when i put LED pallet to my dash board all other dashboard item are replaced by LED and not showing other item it only show LED

Hi @EngrKhan4.

What version of Node-red and Dashboard, LED and level nodes do you have?
It's probably a good idea for you to show us a snapshot of your screen.

Thanks @jbudd for Your feedback!
version info of my node-red and dashboard

  1. node-red version : v2.2.2
  2. node js :V16.14.0
  3. dashboard version :1.0.2 started @ /ui

Make sure the LED is on the same dashboard and group as your other dashboard elements and shows up with the name you gave the LED in your dashboard layout designer.

Are you certain?


the version is already 3.1.6

Is it possible that your LED and other widgets are on different dashboard tabs?

If you have multiple tabs, the top left of the title bar will have a drop-down menu to switch between them.
Untitled 1

thanks #kvramji the group and tab is same but the problem is when i put some widget to dash board like button and switch and gauge it working normal but when i put LED to dashboard it showing only LED

Ok, (but thats not what you said)

Can you show us your start up log from there it says 24 Mar 10:55:55 - [info] Node-RED version: v2.2.2 until a minute or 2 after node-red is running please?

Also, please confirm the LED node - is it node-red-contrib-ui-led ?

i am working a single tab

A picture is worth a thousand words.

node-red-contrib-ui-led # YES

And what about this :point_down:...

Can you share your flow?
That would be helpful to see what exactly is going on ...

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