DietPi installation lacks basic commands


I am just getting into Node-RED. All the documentation I find discusses the 3 commands:


But the DietPi installation of Node-RED only provides the command Node-red

Incidentally, I am also running on an Pine64, if that makes a difference.

Has anybody any ideas why this should be so?



the default DietPi install does not install those extra commands, so they are not available.

If you use our upgrade script for Pi - it should fail to upgrade and tell you to use their update mechanism, but it will as a bonus add the commands for you... Alternatively the commands used to generate them can be run manually

    echo "journalctl -f -n 25 -u node-red -o cat" > /usr/bin/node-red-log
    chmod +x /usr/bin/node-red-log
    echo "dietpi-services stop node-red" > /usr/bin/node-red-stop
    chmod +x /usr/bin/node-red-stop
    echo "dietpi-services start node-red" > /usr/bin/node-red-start
    echo "journalctl -f -n 0 -u node-red -o cat" >> /usr/bin/node-red-start
    chmod +x /usr/bin/node-red-start

Note: they are not 100% identical in that they are are calling the dietpi-services command but hopefully are close enough.

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