Node-Red V2 on DietPi - Bash Script not been compliant!

Upgrading to NR V2 from 1.35 on the latest version of DietPi v7.4.2, npm 7.20.3, Node v16.3.0

Much to my delight, NodeRed documentation comments the bash script will run on DietPi, which gives alot more functionality than installing through the OS menu.

Unfortunately, DietPI is still giving back the old message "Diet-Pi detected....use software command...etc".

Is there a work around to use the script, or have I missed something?

Thanks in advance.

The best approach in my (possibly slightly wonky) view is to open the script in an editor and read through each command, work out what it is doing and then do it for yourself manually.

Once you've done that, you will understand exactly what is needed and will be able to do it on any (at least Linux or BSD) platform.

The script is an excellent piece of work from Dave but really it isn't actually very hard to understand the parts. At worse, the work of a few evenings armed with the script and Google.

sorry - no - the Diet-Pi software install manager is tightly integrated (which is how they keep the size down) - so the default script will blow that away and mess it up. So we rely on their packaging of Node-RED as asnd when they see fit to update. All our script does in this instance is add the familiar node-red-start, stop etc commands.

Thanks for the update, hopefully sometime there will be a work around.


A workaround for what exactly ? If you use their installer you can also remove and upgrade cleanly..

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