Difference between Start and Restart Flows in Deploy dropdown

Having enabled runtimeState in settings.js

    runtimeState: {
        /** enable or disable flows/state endpoint. Must be set to `false` to disable */
        enabled: true,
        /** show or hide runtime stop/start options in the node-red editor. Must be set to `false` to hide */
        ui: true,

I see Stop Flows in the Deploy dropdown. When I click Stop the Stop entry changes to Start. Is there any difference between Start and Restart Flows in this situation? I had not expected Start to retrigger inject buttons configured to trigger on startup, but they do.

The point of it is less about a restart and more about being able to have flows in a stopped state while you fix up or adjust (avoid flows "doing things" while you work)

As for what happens under the hood, start and restart I'm not 100% sure if there is a difference (I forget lol)

I think restart might reload flow file but start doesn't.

OK, understood. So from the Stopped condition, Restart and Start are actually identical.

Just edited prev post as you posted Colin :point_up:

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