Different Set of Flows at Each Reboot


Looking for a bit of guidance here. I have an Ubuntu server running Node-Red. Each time I reboot it, I seem to randomly get one or the other, set of Flows.

For example, before reboot I have the following flows:
_Default , Site1, Site2, Testing

After reboot
_Default , Flow1, Flow2

The second set of flows, is recognizable and has elements I DID add at one point, but was a long time ago.

I would guess Node-Red is somehow loading a flows.json and then saying, yep im done. But then other reboots it loads the first set of flows as desired.

How do I control which set of flows get loaded?

I just noticed too, that on the first set I show NodeRed at v1.0.3.

On the second set I have NodeRed at v1.0.6

two possibilities

  1. you are running as a different user so picking up a different Node-RED install and flow
  2. your computer is changing hostname (maybe via dhcp but this doesn't usually happen on ubuntu) - and so picking up a different flow in ~/.node-red .

Thank you, I figured it out. At some point I must have installed Node-Red with Snap package manger. SO you are correct, two Node-Reds were running, one at 1.06 and one via the npm.

sudo snap list was able to show me the installed Node-Red instance via snap.

Sudo snap remove node-red removed that install.

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