Saving flow with 2 instances of Node-RED

Hello all,
I am currently using 2 instances of Node-RED (v1.2.9) in a production environment but when I try to save a flow or import a new flow from our testing environment there is an unusual behavior
while saving.

I sometimes get "The flows on the server have been updated" even before I do any changes.

Workaround for this that I disable one of the running instances from PM2 and make changes and then again start the stopped instance to run the flow.

Is there any guide/documentation on how saving of flows work on a multi instance Node-RED setup and is this fixed in the recent versions??

Welcome to the forum @fuser

It is not completely clear what you are doing.

  1. Are the two node-red instances on the same machine or separate?
  2. If on the same machine are they completely separate or do they share the flow file, or anything else?
  3. In the browser are you sure you have only one tab open on each server at any one time?
  4. Have you got the node-red windows open on multiple PCs?

Hello @Colin

  1. Yes, both the instances are hosted on the same server
  2. Yes, they both the instances share the same flow file
  3. In browser there is only 1 tab open for Node-RED
  4. Multiple devs use the server, but the issue is also present when 1 person is using

Do you mean you just randomly get that even though you have not touched anything?

If they are both using the same flows file, what is the difference between the two instances? Are they both running at the same time?

Hello again @Colin

  1. Yes even though no changes are done this pop ups on the startup of Node-RED in the browser
  2. Yes, they do run at the same time. The rationale behind the 2 instances is to split the load due to the bulk load of data we pass through the CSV to compute.

Are they running on different ports?

What exactly do you mean by 'startup'?

You said at the start that the workaround was to have only one running when you make changes, but now you say that it pops up even when no changes have been made.

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