Node red for Individual User


In my application i have a requirement like for an individual there should be individual flows should be saved on node red.

For example if i have created some flow and again when i came to my node site than the same flow should be shown and like wise for other users they should be able to see their flows.

Is it possible?

No, it is not multi user & for good reason.

you can ask your users to only use particular tabs OR run multiple node-red instances.

You run multiple node-red instances by running node red with command line properties to launch multiple instances. Each instance can have its own path (and therefore its own flows)

Thanks @Steve-Mcl for you kind reply you have any examples or demo made for it?
Also i want to save flow for individual users......Can you please help me out here??

See this to run multiple node-red instances

What do you mean by...

If you mean backup - then just copy the *.json files (from the users .node-red directory) somewhere safe.

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