Directing several flows in 1 function node


Just a question in my project i'm sending several inputs into 1 function node. (or is it discouraged?)

It works but i'm wondering how node red handles this? Is it's storing all the flows at the beginning and treats it one at a time or are all the flows treated at the same time in parrallel?

And if it's handles the flows 1 at a time, what's the max storage of the flows before? (guessing the system memory).

Thanks at advance!
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Your terminology is a bit mixed up.

Whats happening is each time a message object (msg) is emitted from a node (e.g. from your green nodes on the left), they travel down the wires and are operated on by the nodes they flow to/through.

The code in the last function simply does its thing everytime a msg hits it.

That mostly depends on what you are doing in the function nodes. But no, this is a perfectly legitimate setup and use of nodes.

The messages are kinda serial as in they travel down the wires singularly (nodejs is single threaded) and unless you have a HUGE number of msgs travelling down the wires, you are unlikely to be facing any issues. (I have no details on what that HUGE number would be - possibly memory limited)

@Steve-Mcl thanks for the quick reply.

I've got to work on that :sweat_smile: :wink:

But now i know for certain it's never gonna drop a msg if the node is busy.

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