Disable a tabsheet in config screen

Hi folks,

I have created some tabsheets in the config screen of a custom node:

node.tabs = RED.tabs.create({
   id: "node-plotly-tabs"
   id: "node-plotly-tab-chart",
   label: "Chart"

Is it somehow possible to disable those tabsheets afterwards?
Tried a couple of this (like e.g. this) but don't get it running...

Thanks !!

Hi @BartButenaers,

the RED.tabs component is a custom component created for Node-RED. It has nothing to do with the jQuery UI Tabs component.

There is no api for disabling a tab (by which I assume you mean leave the tab in place, but don't let the user select it) - it isn't a feature we've needed in the core of Node-RED so no code has been written to support it.

You can fully remove a tab using node.tabs.removeTab("node-plotly-tab-chart");

Hi Nick,
welcome back.
Ok then I will workaround it by removing the tab instead of disabling it.

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