Disable / Enable Node from the front-end

Hi, I need to eneable o disable a wemo-emulator node from the dashboard.

I am creating an application to automate pools and I have several nodes that communicate with Amazon Alexa through the wemo-emulator node, depending on the functions that you want to enable from the dashboard for the operation of the pool, I need to deactivate the nodes of wemo-emulated so that they are not recognized by Amazon Alexa devices. Does anyone know how I can perform this function, since I am a new person in the design of applications through node red.


Example: if I deactivate the filtering process with a switch button, I need the wemo-emulator node that corresponds to the filtering function to be deactivated so that it is not identified by Alexa.

Is this about creating a custom node? If not, could you move it to general or dashboard category please?

Thanks for your explanation, as I said in the question, I am new to this and I have no idea what to do.

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But as in the question I asked, is it possible to develop a node that allows me to do this? Who can help me in the development of a node that allows me to disable any node that I select from the node red dashboard?


I don't think it is a new custom node you are after. I also think you are confusing some terms. The Dashboard is an extension to Node-RED that provides a user-facing UI. The Editor is the UI that flow authors and administrators use.

As far as I'm aware, there is no way to deactivate a selection of nodes in the Editor. Only by opening the config panel for each node.

What you might be able to do is to use tabs or groups so that you can pre-group some nodes and have only a single thing to deactivate.

I don't think you can disable any node, but you can stop messages from reaching the node.

You could write a function node based on a specific requirement. That only returns the message if a certain requirement is met.

A 'no code' option is to use the simple gate node:

Thanks for your answer, I am going to see how I use the node that you recommend to correct the function I have, thank you very much

No problem. If you share (a part of) your flow I'll might be able to make a suggestion.

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