Activate or deactivate a node according the state of a switch


Would it be possible to make a switch node active or inactive in a dashboard according to the status of another switch?
For example, if switch "A" closes the flow of water, switch "B" which allows you to choose whether hot or cold water must be disabled.

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Hi Marco, welcome to the forum.
You could use node-red-contrib-simple-gate to disable the hot/cold water part of the flow.

I think Marco was asking how to change a dashboard switch to a disabled/inactive state.

I cannot help with this myself unfortunately as I've yet to use Dashboard at all...

Hi Paul
many tks.
Yes with node-red-contrib-simple-gate is possible control the message from the hot/cold switch to the "actuator", but the hot/cold switch is visible and active.
My question is: is it possible disable or "make disappear" the switch image from the dashboard? or is there any other way to achieve the same result ?


Select the switch node and read the built in help on the info panel. I seem to remember it saying you can pass a property in the msg to disable/enable it. Either that or the ui_control node.

Also, fairly certain this has been asked and answered quite a few times - Search the forum for clues.

Here you go...
Setting msg.enabled to false will disable the switch widget.

thanks a lot to everyone


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