How to active and deactive flow dashboard

Hi I'm Artwin, can you help me? I have a switch node (dashboard), when the switch is on it will bring up / activate the button and when the switch is off will eliminate / deactivate the button, is that possible? or is there another way? Thank you very much

Not really clear for me what exactly you like to achieve. but to activate or deactivate a ui-widget like a button you can send msg.enabled=true or false to this node. The widget will get a darker and desaturated color to show that it is disabled.
So perhaps use a change node behind your switch:

  • msg.enabled=msg.payload
  • delete msg.payload (if necessary)
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simply when the switch (dashboard) is off, I can't press the flush button, and when the switch (dashboard) is on, I can press the flush button

Switch 3

See edit above.

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Its Work, thank you very much @Christian-Me

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