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Wondering if there is a way to disable a node via a button on the dashboard.. I am wondering specifically about the node-red-contrib-opcua nodes. Whenever we download and write to the PLC, the OPC connection goes wonky and seems to get stuck in a loop, causing node-red to pause and then crash after a few minutes. I was wondering if there was a way to manually disable nodes just prior to a download (or just whenever we might need) from a button on the dashboard?

First I would try and find what is actually happening. Often in these situations things are not what appears at first sight.

Stop node-red and restart it in a terminal so it shows the startup log. Then make it crash and see what the log shows. Post it here if necessary. Post the full log from the start please. When pasting it in use the same technique as for code and flows, so the forum does not mess with the format. See - How to share code or flow json for how to do this.

[Edit] I see that you have already done this and asked submitted and issue on the node's github page. It would have been helpful to tell us that.

To answer your original question, as far as I know there is no means of temporarily pausing node-red. If you have node-red configured to autostart on crash then that may be the best you can do till the node is fixed.

Sorry yes, should have mentioned that. I saw previously the discussion of using a gate node to stop the sending / reading of data but I assume that wouldn't stop the issue because the OPCUA Client nodes would still be enabled and "running"

Yes, I agree, that would probably not help. It seems that support for the node is good so hopefully a fix will appear promptly.

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