OPC-UA Error when OPC server is offline

I am having issue with OPC-UA which read hte OPC server connected to PLC. When OPC server is off. The Node-red flow crashes after some time. Is there any wayt o stop in crashing and closing down hte node-red. Seems like it has setting to go for certain number of tries to make a connection. Any idea

The node should catch exceptions and behave nicely.

You need to open an issue on the github page for the node ( follow a link from the nodes page on flows.nodered.org) to flag the issue to the nodes author.

Looks to be a somewhat known issue: https://github.com/mikakaraila/node-red-contrib-opcua/issues/89#issuecomment-488303522

However, based on those issues on github the node in itself could do with more configuration rather than having to update hardcoded values in the node’s source file :woman_shrugging:

Probably wouldn’t be bad if you post there though to mention you’re seeing the exact same thing.