Disabling Function External Modules

Can anyone point me in the direction or have directions on how I can do this?

If you look into the settings.js file, you should find what you want.

where can i find that

In the same folder as your flow files - the userDir folder. Typically ~/.node-red

theres no way to do it in the node red web display?

No, that is by design. It is a setting that must be read as Node-RED starts. If you could set it in the Editor, then anyone with access could change it.

Editor? how so?

quite a few here

I recommend reading the docs.

The Editor is the admin web interface where you create and amend flows. Just because someone has access to that doesn't mean that they've been given access to the underlying files in the userDir folder.

I said where it was. The userDir folder. I even gave the typical location. If you restart Node-RED while watching the logs, you will see it there as well.

Thank you for your help, sadly even after changing to false my node red function block still has the on start, on message, and on stop tabs. No just function tab :frowning:

Did you restart node-red?

I thought I did, ill try one more time....


nope still the same

The function node will still look the same unless you also reload the editor. At that point the setup tab loses the extra settings:

And if you check the logs, you'll see something like this:

The node won't then work until you remove the module code.

You probably want to remove any modules you added before you turn off the feature since they are actually retained in the node it seems - I just turned off then back on the feature and my modules were still there.

Also, you may want to manually remove any installed modules if there are any left. Best to turn on the feature, remove the modules then turn it off.

Damn, im trying to get it like this project for school where in stead of those 3 tabs its just one whole function tab. It tells me to write a certain function in it and I cant get it to work with all this "on ____" stuff. Maybe this assignment is old and that was an older version of node red at the time?

Yes, quite probably. In that case, leave the setting alone and just ignore the other tabs, you aren't forced to use them. Just use the on message tab as that was the original anyway.

alright man thank you so much

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