Discussion about finding help in NR documentation

A different topic expanded into a discussion about how users can find information in the NR documentation, so moved here in it's own thread.

The specific subject was finding how to use the 'safe' mode.

It's just knowing where to look (in the documentation)... I was going to post a link but couldn't readily find any reference (to what the OP had asked about) in the docs.


In the getting started local section, under Command-line Usage.

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Perhaps somebody should write a section on typical errors, issues and solutions. :thinking:

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That's a great idea! When are you going to start? :grin:


It only took 2m to get the answer I was waiting for :rofl: Impressive!


There is the FAQ's section of this forum which would be a great place to put anything you think might benefit others. :grin:

It would be good to have a search box in the docs section, to allow users to retrieve info.
(I realise that we can use google to do the specific site searches, but not all users will be aware of how to do that...)

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Agree certainly. Even a custom Google site search (I have that on my Blog) or perhaps better, an Algolia site search (couldn't get that working on my Blog but I didn't honestly try very hard).

I think people (new people especially) are more likely to go to the docs than the forum FAQ. I've never looked at the FAQ. ymmv I guess.

A search would be great, but I think it can also be beneficial if there was a sidebar with a "tree" view of the nested documents (vs going back and forth) - the "where" question I encounter myself often too.

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