Display daily measurements

Hi all
I'm working with Node-red for 6 months and it goes great. Google helped me a lot and now I'm stuck.
I'm measuring my solar panels and I have en good output xxx watts in my dashboard ui.

My question is how do can I display my daily, monthly, .. outputs in watt in my dashboard ui.

I would like to see on the end of the day how many watts the system has produced.

Can you set me in the right direction on where to search for info please?

One major clue comes into sight with the correct unit of measurement for incremental power measurement: "watt hours." If I'm not mistaken, what you need to do is store the power generation and take the mean of the readings taken in the measured time, multiplied by the number of hours in that timeframe. This would be an excellent use of influxdb and grafana, or perhaps just influxdb and a well crafted influxql query.


As Jay has said - Influxdb + Grafana is the way to go.
The below screenshot shows my energy usage, but could equally be energy developed.


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Thanks! I take a look at it.
Would you mind share you’re flow Paul-Reed?

Your flow will no doubt be very different to mine, as it will very much depend on the source of your data, and in which format it is in.
Once you get your data into a usable format, it's just a case of following the influxdb node guide, and saving your data.

That's the easy bit... I found writing the influxdb/grafana queries much more of a learning curve!!

This is a screenshot of my entire flow, which writes power data and environmental data to influxdb.