Display data from DFRobot Digital Wattmeter

Dear makers,

I have in mind a project for power consumption monitoring and I decided to use one of this sensor:
Gravity: I2C Digital Wattmeter SKU: SEN0291-DFRobot
My initial idea was to use a pythonshell block and point to the location of the example python script provided by DFRobot on their github page: DFRobot_INA219/Python/RespberryPi/examples/get_voltage_current_power at master · DFRobot/DFRobot_INA219 · GitHub

In pythonshell block I'm using this location of the .py file: /home/pi/DFRobot_INA219/Python/RespberryPi/examples/get_voltage_current_power/get_voltage_current_power.py

Trying to run, I have no output displayed in the debug block. Do you have any idea why or any advice how to implement this in a different way?

If I'm running the script directly on Raspberry Pi console, the output is this:

Thank you in advance!

Have a look a this node node-red-contrib-easybotics-ina219-sensor (node) - Node-RED
No need for python with this node.


Hi Edje11,

Thank you a lot for your advice! I couldn't find this dedicate node because I was searching after the board supplier name (DFrobot).
I can confirm that the measurements for both voltage and current are working well.

PS: There is no load connected to the wattmeter

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