Display remaining trigger flow time and extend trigger time

A small electric heater is to be controlled with Node-Red.

A gate flow is used and the runtime is controlled via a trigger node.

I am still missing 2 properties:

The trigger is controlled via a button and then runs for e.g. 15 minutes. Now I want to extend the runtime by 15 minutes with each kick, so 3 kicks = 45 minutes.

I would also like to display the remaining runtime on the desktop. E This has been described on https://discourse.nodered.org/t/time-remaining-on-trigger-node-debug-or-msg-property/343, but I don't know how to display the remaining time on the desktop.

I would be grateful for any tips.
Many greetings

Would there ever be a need to shut it off before the timer ends?
How are you actually controlling the heater?

I posted a thread awhile ago to control a coffee pot (I’m still using it) you might be able to adapt

  • it has a count down timer displayed
  • a button on the dashboard
  • it turns a smart plug on/off

I’m the button turn it on for 20 minutes and - this is something you would need to change - the button can shut it off too.

In your case I would have a second button to add more time so the original button still could shut it off if needed.

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Hello, thanks for your reply. I find some of your ideas worth emulating, but would have to rewrite everything.
My e-heater is controlled by a wireless socket with an Exec Node './raspberry-remote/send 11011 3 1' or '...0'.
Switching on and off is done via one input of a gate node and the other input is then used to switch the temperature between 22° and 26°.
The trigger node should switch on the gate node and after dealy a switch off command is issued directly.
Therefore I want to be able to extend the trigger delay and display the remaining time.
To the view here my unfinished flow:

e-heizung.json (24.8 KB)

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