Looking for a countdown timer

Hey guys,

Looking for a countdown timer that is able to be controlled by passing messages to it.

In this particular case - if a temperature exceeds a threshold, i want to send a message to the node to tell it to stop and remind me in 30 minutes. At the end of the countdown it will send out the message which i will interpret.

Anyojne got one of these they can recommend and that they use ?


Have a look at trigger node.

if you want to have one that can tell you how much time is left, that can handle multiple simultaneous countdowns and second accuracy is enough than you could also have a look at this old subflow of mine:



Thanks Guys,

Will play around with both of these options and also

And will report back which suits my needs best


There are several nodes that do that. Node-red-contrib-mytimeout is one. I use it as a programmable flip flop.

OK thanks Gerry - i use that one for other things also - Will have a deeper look


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