Stop timer display remaining time?

Hi all,
Can anyone recommend a alternative for the Stop timer node that will show the remaining time under the node (Not bothered about dashboard).

Thanks, P

Hi, I personally have no idea what that node does.

for those of us that dont know what that is - can you describe its functionality (or rather what it is you want) - there may be a simple way of using built in nodes (or a ready made alternative contrib node)

I'm using the node-red-contrib-stoptimer.
It takes a trigger and starts counting down, it restarts the count with fresh input. Sort of alike watchdog.
So I'm after this node but with visibility of the current countdown. I've a few instances where the countdown is over 15 mins, but no way of knowing how far into that 15 mins it's actually gone though...

I have not used any of the stoptimer(n) nodes, but it looks like node-red-contrib-stoptimer3 might do what you want.

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Also counts down remaining time
I've used it numerous times and works well

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