Read My TimeOut Remaining value

In my workflow I'm using the "My Timeout" node to trigger something. It would be interesting for me if I could also read and display the Remaining counter just below the node. Purpose would be to be able to read the remaining time in sec on the NR UI.
Is this possible with this node? Or is there an alternative node that works exactly like the My TimeOut node that can readout the remaining time that is left?

If you want to display the countdown value on the dashboard, add a debug node to the bottom out of the node and look at what it contains.

Add a status node (point it at this "My Timeout" node)

Attach a debug node to the status node to see what you get

then use the debug features to copy the path to the value


There’s a great page in the docs (Working with messages : Node-RED) that will explain how to use the debug panel to find the right path to any data item.

Pay particular attention to the part about the buttons that appear under your mouse pointer when you over hover a debug message property in the sidebar.


Thanks zenofmud and Steve-Mcl
The remaining time is in msg.countdown
The only thing I forgot to enable is the "Repeat message every second". Now I can read the remaining time in the UI, thanks a lot for the tip.

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