Visualizing Countdown


... after an event, I would like to visualize preset time in a countdown graphicon my dashboard.. So far I have a function node, which is node triggered by an injector repeating number ''1' every 200 milliseconds just for testing what it looks like and it seems to work fine - here the code within the function node:

if (context.get('count') === undefined)
context.set('count', 14);

context.set('count', context.get('count') -0.5);

msg.payload = context.get('count');

if (context.get('count') === 0)
context.set('count', 14);


return msg;

I used a the following gauge to show the ongoing countdown:


How can I get the remaining seconds to appear in the center and does anyone have any sugestions how to make a nice countdown display?

Any help/suggestinos are much appreciated, thanks.

Take a look at this flow I’m still using

This might fit your needs

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