Distributed NodeRed and MQTT

Hi all,

I want to use Distributed NodeRed, in which the flow should execute on devices transparently communicating between them using the MQTT server configured in the wire node in dist-wire.js .

  • Do you know how the nodes use this 'wire node'? Which function they use?
  • It is possible to modify o replace MQTT?

Thanks in advance!

Not sure how many people here have heard or played with dnr. You may be better asking on the project github direct

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Also notice that the repository you linked to says that it is discontinued and that you should refer to https://github.com/namgk/dnr-editor.

Hi @Colin, thanks for the reply.
I also used the repository you mentioned, but in that repo I din't find the 'dist' folder as in the other one(https://github.com/mblackstock/node-red-contrib/tree/experimental-dist-flows/nodes).
So do you know how is replaced the 'dist' folder in the repo https://github.com/namgk/dnr-editor ?

@davide16 I don't think Colin was providing that advice as someone who knows anything about dnr - he was just pointing to what it said in the repo's readme.

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Thank you @knolleary. I read the other repo and I found the files I was searching.
So do you suggest me to use the namgk's repo or the other one to work on mqtt?

I cannot make any recommendations as I've not looked at any of them. We are only pointing you to what they say in their own repos.