Do I have to comment on the revised content of settings.js?

Hello, I'm using Node-RED to develop applications for commercial use.

I know that Node-RED's settings.js have Apache license 2.0.
And I looked it up because I was curious about the license and found that the license should annotate the revised content.

If so, should I also comment on the revised content of settings.js file?

I'd appreciate your reply.
Thank you!

You make a good point. The settings file is provided for you to customise however you wish for your application. There is no requirement from us for you to comment/document the modifications you make to it.

We should review removing the license from that file. Technically, it's been recommended to us that it is not necessary to include the license header in every file - that having the top level LICENSE file is sufficient. As such, we ought to add a comment to the top of the default settings file to make it clear the file is provided as-is and there to be customised.


Thank you so much for your kind reply.

Wow, You have already modified the settings.js file! Thanks!

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