Docker container does not contain the SUDO image but I need it

Hi, I have a need to use the Exec node excute a sudo command. However, the Docker image is created without the SUDO command.

I would guess that nearly all Node red installations directly Linux / Raspbian etc would have access to sudo.

I was going to raise it as an issue in Github, but I thought I would ask for opinions first.

Please, rather than ask what I want to use sudo for, can we focus on the general principle that there may well be a case when only a sudo command can achieve what is required. Why create a docker container for an unprivileged account running Node Red without the sudo command?

Incidentally, there is an "SU" command, but whenever I try to execute it, it says:
su: must be suid to work properly

However, all bits are set on the su executable.

bash-5.1# ls /bin/su -l
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            12 Jul 18 16:36 /bin/su -> /bin/busybox

I'd be grateful for any advice!


you are correct - Alpine does not ship with sudo by default - if you need it you will need to rebuild the container and add in the su-exec package RUN set -ex && apk --no-cache add sudo .
The general principle is that you do not need sudo so I don't think we will want to add it to the default image as it opens up more possibilities for security vulnerabilities.