Docker upgrade node version

What is the right procedure to update node js version in a node-red docker environment?

Right now I run multiple node-red containers with node version 14.20, defined in a docker-compose file.I installed various packages by manualy installing, or by pallet manager.

Soon, (next node-red release 3.1.0), I want to upgrade the node js version to 16 or 18. I'll build a new docker image bases on the official node-red docker image with node version 16. Then I'll change the docker-compose file to the new docker-image 3.1 with node version 16.

This works perfect when node version of previous container is the same. But when upgrading the container to a new node js version, the docker volume npm node_modules in the projectfolder will have an older version. How can I seemlesly upgrade the volume project folder?

Last time I tried this the node-red docker container won't start at all, so I could not manually upgrade (rebuild?) the project npm folder.

Anyone has some advice how to realise this with minimum downtime?

I mean the updated node-red/nodered:3.0.1 should have the updated node versions in them. If you aren't sure have a look at this project GitHub - shantanoo-desai/node-red-slim: A Slim Node-RED Docker Image with Alpine Container using Docker Multistage Builds

You cannot have smooth transitions when your docker images are pinned to version in docker-compose. If you images are all pinned to latest tags then the transitions can be easier because docker only pulls the diff of the images. However from e.g., 2.0 -> 3.0 will require you docker compose down and docker compose up again

Potential Tool for smoother roll-out

but I cannot vouch for it

Thanks for you reply. Docker compose down and docker compose up isn't a problem for me. It takes about 30 seconds. Which is fine in my case.

Biggest issue is that the node_modules in the project folder (docker volume) are of older version that the node version of the docker container. How to rebuild the packages?

I don't know about docker, but for a normal install one would go into the .node-red folder (where the flows file is) and run
npm rebuild
which will rebuild any nodes that need it. Presumably in a docker environment one should do that in a shell inside the container.

Hi Colin, you're right about that. But de docker container won't start, probably because node-red can't start, so I can't get in to it and run npm rebuild.

Start node-red in safe mode so that it does not run the flows. I don't remember how to do that but it was discussed here recently. Search the forum for Docker safe mode, or even google for
node red safe mode docker
and I am sure you will find the solution.

In fact it is the node red docker docs.

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