Upgrade node-red in docker


I am using node-red v1.2.2 and I have to upgrade it.
I have no clue how to do that.
In Portainer, I can see this line. Does that mean, that my data are save if I setup a new docker-image?

what i still have is a full backup of my raspberry sd-card.
can anyone tell me wht's the best way to upgrade in my situation and maybe show me a manual what I could use to achieve this goal?
thank you very much.

Yes, your flows should be safe if you remove the currently running container and pull newer image and restart the container with the new version (and attach the same host directory as a mounted volume on /data)

What might be a problem is any extra nodes you have installed using the Manage Palette option as any upgrade from version 1.2.2 is going to have a pretty large jump in the version of NodeJS bundled with Node-RED which will mean that any nodes with native components will need to be rebuilt. This might be hard to do as it will require running commands in the container, but the version miss match will likely crash node-red which will restart the container.

There might be a work around by getting node-red to reinstall those nodes. But I'll leave explaining how until it is shown to actually be a problem.

As I see, you are using IOTstack, so you can rebuild nodered image (if you have IOTstack aliases, then run REBUILD nodered in CLI). Next only UP nodered and done :wink:

that sounds good.
how do i get this done?

You're in NodeRED shell! You must be in main system shell. I recommend to you use putty od another ssh directly to your RPi.


I still cannot understand what you want to say to me. if I do this inside putty, the same happens

You don't have IOTstack Aliases installed.

So, use this commands:
docker-compose -f ~/IOTstack/docker-compose.yml build --no-cache --pull nodered

docker-compose -f ~/IOTstack/docker-compose.yml up -d nodered

thank you so much. that worked for me pretty well. I ha dto reinstall one of my nodes but everything else was still working!

If I can recommend you, install these things:

Thank you very much. I am not sure If that makes sense for me. I have set up this docker environment two years ago to use grafana, influxdb and node red. I not really have any clue about the Install part and also the backup part. That's why I just make a simple offline image backup of the whole SD Card of the Raspberry.
It is really nice If there is a more comfortable way to backup but I think I am not able to do this in a way that I am sure to be able to restore it If something goes wrong. :frowning:

It's very simple and after that you have every day automatic backup (how offten do you make sd copy?). Restore is simpler, only one command - you can see it in doco.

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