Does Node Red dashboard have a numeric popup keypad?

If I was using a Numeric Input Box and there is NO KEYBOARD is there a numeric popup keypad that can be used? Or can someone explain to me how you could enter a number into the input box.

I been looking all over and can't find anything.

Hi @damica51 If you are using Linux base as a O.S. you could install a virtual keyboard.

1.- onboard:

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt install onboard

2.- Florence:

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt install florence -y

For example. I hope it can helps you!

So, I'm going to be running this on a Raspberry Pi but here's another problem.

My display is only a 5" touch screen.
I have just (2) input boxes that the user needs to type a numeric variable and then they would press "Start" and then SUBMIT.
I don't need or want a complete keyboard because of my screen size.
Am I making any sense?

The numeric input widget has up down arrows you can use to set the value.


You can set the range and step values in its config.

You could try the virtual keyboard flow, clicking on a numeric input it will pop a numeric only keypad:

Thanks I will give this a try.

This has been a real bane of my existence and I haven't found a good solution yet. Here are a list of things that I have tried:

There is this custom function block which adds an onscreen keyboard:

It works really well for all input types except numeric where you need to type decimal places - because of how it works on the backend if you try and type "1" + "0" + "." + "5" it will come out "10." and then "5". No good workaround for it yet, but for integers or string inputs it works fantastic.

If you are running on a RPi I assume you are using Chromium browser, so you can get a Chrome browser extension that adds an onscreen keyboard that works pretty well.

You can get a cheap wireless USB number pad and stick it next to the screen - don't underestimate this, the keyboards are super cheap now.

Or you can use a linux standard on screen keyboard as mentioned by MecatronicaMADE.

Thanks to all with the great information. I'm think I'm going to try adding a physical usb keypad. Will keep everyone updated on outcome.

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