Download CSV file (With UTF-8 characters) from MySQL payload

The flow it's pretty straight forward. a GET Endpoint calling a MySQL Stored Procedure.
Retrieving the data and using the CSV node to convert the Javascript object into csv string.

Now, there are a lot of varchar fields in the DB with accent mark (í,ó,ñ) so im trying to download the csv file with utf-8 encoding:

(image from last function node, before the http end)

Haven't been able to succeed with that.
I also tried the File node (after the csv) to save it with the encode option utf-8, didn't work either.

So, im not sure how to approach this

This should work. Is msg.res from the in node making it to the response node. place debug nodes set to complete message object after each node and track msg.res. If it is being deleted then you will need to pass it around the node that is overwriting it.

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